Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dropdead Photos, Videos, Flyers, etc

After 16 plus years, we're starting to collect as much of this stuff in one place as we can. We've been uploading photos to the Flickr account, and will continue to add as much as we can find.

If you have any images you wouldn't mind us posting, please email them to me at:
credit will be given where possible, and if you know who took a photo, please feel free to leave that as a comment as you view them.

You can also email us links if you already have images online.

Thanks so much.


Lisa Gourley's photos of DD show 8/8/07 AS220:
Dropdead@AS220 8/8/07

NYC, NY pix
Dropdead@Cake Shop NYC 8/19/07

All DD pix on RTTP:
Dropdead Photos By RTTP

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